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Red Doc Farm, the Dr. Roland and Elia Sanchez and family adventure, began in the 1960s. A young Roland Sanchez, while back in high school, walked through the stalls of the New Mexico State Fair and saw beautiful Santa Gertrudis cattle from the historic Forked Lighting Ranch from Pecos, New Mexico. He dreamed to one day bring these beautiful animals to his life somehow, although then, was not quite sure how and to what extent this dream would unfold.


Roland attended New Mexico State University and graduated as a civil engineer where he built on his logic and reasoning. Eventually, Roland changed career paths from engineering to pursue a career in medicine, never leaving behind his engineering mind. Roland met his wife Elia, a local, hard working farm girl and the two were soon married. They then moved to Fort Worth, Texas where Roland would walk the bowels of the hospital during his residency at Tarrant County Hospital. One night on call, Roland picked up a Santa Gertrudis breed magazine and rekindled his interest for Santa Gertrudis cattle. Soon thereafter, the couple bought their first Santa Gertrudis, a bull named Mr. Peanut from De Leon, Texas. Early on, the Sanchez family tried different breeds, however none would match the hardiness and need for low input like the Santa Gertrudis. By 1979, they decided to expand into the registered seed stock operation and bought their first registered cattle from Ken Meeks at San Jon, New Mexico and quickly thereafter bought a small herd from Olivarez Ranches in South Texas. Roland and Elia steadily built up their herd and also began to build a base of bull buyers. As the herd grew so did their family; first Jessica, Alicia, Adolfo, Roland II “Scooter”, Florian and later Emilio. In 1988, the Sanchez children became deeper involved in the operation by participating with Santa Gertrudis show heifers. They started as most junior projects however; they continued the breeding program.


As the children got older and the herd continued to grow, Red Doc Farm began to break into the bull business. During the Rocky Mountain Santa Gertrudis Sale at the National Western Livestock show, Roland briefly stepped away to the restroom and upon his return and to his surprise Elia had bought a trailer load of bulls. Fortunately, a winter storm had prevented many buyers from making the sale and the stout Gert bulls in the sale came back to Red Doc Farm for a bargain. As those bulls were sold it was discovered there was a demand for quality bulls in volume. The Sanchez family, now quite well known as Red Doc Farm, decided to morph into a larger seed stock operation. By the late 1980s, Red Doc Farm was the benefactors of several dispersal sales including the Forked Lighting Ranch that Dr. Roland had once admired as a young man. A major breakthrough for RDF came about with a young bull named Cherokee General from Sedalia, Colorado. It was Cherokee General who made Red Doc standout competitively in the bull business against other breeds. Up until that point, the herd had consisted mainly of Texas maternal, horned based genetics. With the addition of the Cherokee Ranch polled, easy fleshing, and early maturing genetics crossed with their founding Texas herd traits, made tremendous performance cattle. Cherokee General soon became the senior herd sire at Red Doc Farm as his calves won gain test after gain test amongst all breeds. This bull was desired by serious cattlemen both locally and foreign, with much semen marketed to Mexico and in Latin America. King Ranch selected this sire out of two in the nation for his high-accuracy in performance traits to introduce into their herd. Cherokee General continues to leave his impression on the Red Doc herd, as the program continues to use his genetics to influence their heifer AI program. A mount of Cherokee General, the trait leader, now resides at Red Doc headquarters; reminding Red Doc Farm continuously of their roots, great obstacles overcome, and their direction in the cattle business.


In 2002 Red Doc Farm was fortunate to meet Mr. John Josserand, owner of AZTX feeders in Hereford, Texas. Red Doc was seeking a partner in the cattle business to provide markets for their Santa Gertrudis steers. Thanks to John Josserand, Tito Morales and Wade Lewis Red Doc started a steer buyback program with their customers and a retained ownership program with AZTX feeders. During their participation the first year, The Sanchez Family found out how profitable their Red Doc sired steers could be as they made record profits and had a feed conversion ratio of 5.5lbs of feed to 1 pound of gain.

Since its immersion in the mainstream cattle industry in 2002, Red Doc Farm has continued to enhance their program with steer feed-out data, carcass collection and aggressive bull development. Red Doc Farm continued to evolve as a commercially oriented seed stock operation. Red Doc Farm credits their bull buyers for their input on developing a well-balanced beef animal. The use of ultrasound data and carcass data as a selection tool in our Santa Gertrudis cattle has led to exceptional cattle that will grade 80%+ choice on their cull cattle and still survive in the high desert and other rough climates. Red Doc continues to incorporate modern tools for selecting high performing low input cattle for their bull buyer. The breeding program is one that developed a product for the serious cattle producer seeking hardiness, heat tolerance, and heterosis and carcass quality.


Based on the incredible growth and strength of their herd the Sanchez family decided to strike while the iron was hot and began their first annual Red Hot Bull Sale in 2004, held every second weekend in April. This allowed an annual setting to provide their high demand bulls for every cattleman.


The magnificent breed of cattle that once caught the eye of a young man many years ago has now become a huge part of Dr. Roland, Elia and family’s lives. Many of their wildest dreams have come true and many of them associated with agriculture and the Santa Gertrudis breed. Dr. Roland, Elia and the rest of Sanchez family have found their niche within the cattle business that has allowed Red Doc Farm to function as a well-oiled machine. Red Doc continues to focus on the fundamentals of hard work and respect that built the business. The farm and all arms of the business continue to grow and develop with the ever changing markets.

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20 hours ago

Red Doc Farm

Red Doc Farm and the Sanchez family would like to send out an incredibly special thank you to Ideal Video Productions and our very good friend, Wade Fisher, for providing us the extraordinary opportunity to live stream the services for Doc and Jessica.
This will allow people from near and far to be a part of the services during these uncertain times.
The live stream link will be posted here on Saturday morning.
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5 days ago

Red Doc Farm

We will be laying to rest our beloved, Dr. Roland K. Sanchez and Jessica Sanchez, MD on Saturday, November 28. Services to celebrate their lives will be held at Our Lady of Belen Catholic Church.
Services are as follows:
Drive through viewing 9am
Rosary 11 am
Eulogy 11:30 am
Funeral Mass 12 pm

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2 weeks ago

Red Doc Farm

Skip the big box store lines due to the shutdowns!
We have beef available for custom butcher! Get yours today!
Call 505-507-7781 or DM if interested.
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3 weeks ago

Red Doc Farm

Roland K. “Doc” Sanchez M.D. was born at home in Pueblitos, New Mexico, to Adolfo and Nancy Sanchez. He was their firstborn son, a red headed boy who came from humble beginnings with no running water in his home. Dr. Roland was raised in a farming community and was influenced by his grandparents, relatives, and neighbors who brought him up in the old ways of New Mexico that stretched back to his old Spanish traditions of strong Catholic faith in Christ, family, and community. Roland served as an altar server, sacristan, and lector for Our Lady of Belen Church.

Roland was a little guy with a big heart and a hard work ethic. As a young man, he was hired to hoe chile in Jarales and would work as day labor for the local farmers baling hay and digging trenches. He and his older sister, Joan, would carry water from their grandparents’ home every day.

He challenged conventional thinking, as well as his school teachers in their knowledge and had a unique gift for making friends with all types of people. He coached little league and was elected to Student Body President of Belen High School. In high school, he participated in football, wrestling, academics, National Honor Society, Boy’s State, and 4-H. He was an alternate to the Navel and Air Force Academy. Roland always tried to make a difference in his community. He latter borrowed a suit for an interview at New Mexico State University, where he was accepted in the College of Engineering. He then continued hitch-hiking back home to help with his family farm, where he would leave his mark on New Mexico history.

In college, Roland was instrumental in helping other New Mexicans successfully bridge the gap from poverty through hard work and education and go on to obtain degrees and pursue great careers. He hungered for knowledge and wisdom and overcame numerous barriers along the way. Roland walked on to the Varsity Wrestling Team at NMSU and he established Chicano Studies. He graduated from NMSU as a Civil Engineer and was a member of Blue Key. However, he desired to better serve his community which lead him to attend medical school at the University of New Mexico.

Roland worked hard and was one of the first groups of Hispanics to complete Medical School at UNM. His drive was not only for himself but to also open doors for other Hispanics and New Mexicans to be given a fair opportunity to enter into medical and law school. During medical school, he met his wife Elia Padilla from his hometown of Belen. From that moment forward, their lives moved at a fast pace. The two dated briefly and were soon married. They moved to Fort Worth, Texas, where he completed his Residency at John Peter Smith Family Practice Program. Dr. Roland would transform into a great physician in his Residency Program. He was always eager to learn and work long hours caring for his patients. Dr. Roland and Elia were then blessed to have their first child Jessica while in Texas. He graduated as a Board Certified Family Physician, and despite many job opportunities to stay in Texas, he and Elia chose to move back home to Belen.

On February 2, 1979, he established his private practice despite the near 20 percent interest rate at the bank’s reluctance to loan the couple money to build their clinic. Roland trusted in God and soon he served as Chief of Staff at the Belen Hospital until its closure in May 1990. He delivered several babies and saved and served several lives while the hospital was opened. Roland remained after the hospital’s closure and retooled his practice to remain viable during the physician buyouts on the 1990s. He along with his wife Elia continued to grow their practice and family over the years. The practice still continues to serve the community as well as patients throughout the state.

They had six children including Jessica who proceeded Roland in death on September 5, 2020; Alicia, Dr. Adolfo, wife Christina; Dr. Roland II, wife Valerie; Dr. Florian, wife Stephanie; and Emilio, wife Ronda; who all continue serving their community as a physician, dentist, veterinarian, insurance principal, and farm/rancher manager.

Dr. Roland Sanchez was a multidimensional man, upon his return to New Mexico, he and Elia started farming and raising Santa Gertrudis cattle. He had seen the beautiful red cattle when he was a young man at the New Mexico State Fair and later in a magazine while in Fort Worth.

He had a desire for a sustainable farm and ranch and was a pioneer in Valencia county working with experts to pioneer rotational grazing, laser leveling and modern cattle genetic practices for beef cattle in the area. He and Elia developed Red Doc Farm which was named for Doc’s famous red hair that matched the Santa Gertrudis cattle. Red Doc Farm is now an internationally known source for top quality genetics and the highest average seedstock producer in New Mexico. Doc and Elia along with their six children and now grandchildren run Red Doc Farm headquartered in Bosque. Red Doc Farm, under Doc’s guidance, has grown into a modern sustainable farming and ranching operation including vegetables and Red Doc’s flood irrigated Pinto Beans. Doc loved being on the farm, ranch and practicing medicine and always found time for everything. He met many, many people in his years of service as a physician and in business as a cattleman.

He loved people most of all and made lifelong friends in serving his patients and through all who passed through his life on the ranching side of his business. Faith in God and family is what he believed in most. Roland was a man of vision a man who followed his convictions, unapologetic, a soldier for Christ and made a difference in this world. He enjoyed life and dancing with Elia in his arms. He enjoyed attending Mass, keeping the old traditions alive within his family, the Spanish language, the Catholic faith, Matanzas, Novenas, his history, hard work ethic and the American Dream of hard work success and religious freedom. He and his wife Elia were proud member of the Knight of the Holy Sepulcher. Doc supported several organizations including the local 4-H, FFA, National Santa Gertrudis Junior Association, Saint Mary’s Catholic School in Belen, NMSU, UNM School of Medicine, New Mexico Hispanic Medical Association along with several other organizations.

He loved and enjoyed his nine grandchildren who he went by as “Papa.” He loved spending time with his family and friends. Many people lives were touched by Doc. He was a mentor to many young men and women in the community. He took care of those in most need and always worked to accommodate his patients. He lived every day with joy, peace and happiness, always knowing that everything will work out if you trust in God.

Roland was the cornerstone of his family who leaves behind a legacy of love, hard work, sacrifice, old world traditions, compassion and dedication to God and family. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

The Sanchez family would like to thank the community for all of their love and support during his lifetime. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the Jessica Sanchez Enlighten Your Life Foundation, which sponsors scholarships at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Belen, where the family attended school. Donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 657, Bosque, NM 87006.
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4 weeks ago

Red Doc Farm

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