High Desert Composites

High Desert Composites Cattle

Red Farm has always valued seed stock that provide added value, adaptability and enhanced marketplace value.  Red Doc has followed their purebred Santa Gertrudis cattle and Santa Gertrudis cattle in ranch to rail studies since 2002 and have developed a great wealth of knowledge.  Although Red Doc Prides itself in their predictable, profitable purebred Santa Gertrudis, they have also found great value in their own composite cattle.  Red Doc Developed their High Desert to provide additional market place options to their commercial cattleman.  The High Desert Composites Consist of 50% Red Doc high performance Santa Gertrudis and 50% English Cattle.  This Ratio of 13/16 English Influence and 3/16 Brahman Influence meets many of the market needs for the High Altitude Desert and markets in the Midwest and Texas Panhandle.  Red Doc believes that cattle must have hardiness to survive the extreme hot droughts and Dry Cold winters of the High Deserts.  Our Composite cattle are tested with our Santa Gertrudis and must meet such high expectations such as rate of gain, carcass quality, muscle expression and soundness.  To some markets these cattle may have added value based on their phenotype, but to the producer they will have more value as the produce more pounds of beef based on the heterosis they provide.  The American Beef Industry is not all about minimum input and maximum output like Latin American and Australian markets excel in.  However, there is a code of Prime, Choice, Select and Standard when it comes to beef grades.  The Commercial Cowman still gets paid by pounds however, the hype is in the perceived premiums for traits that have no measurable true value such as hide color or hair length.  We feel that weather your cattle operation is driven by local sale barns or by your desire to raise highly productive cattle we hope the High Desert Composite can provide you both performance and market place value.  Every purebred breeder has their ideas about composite cattle, we love our purebreds, so it’s that pride that we developed our High Desert composites. Same BRAND YOU TRUST, similar package developed specifically for the High Desert of the Western States where cattle still roam the range and each fall are rounded up and sent to the great plains to be fattened to provide quality beef.